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We are all human. Why do we teach our children to fight over differences and not learn from them?

Photo by Kampus Production

If we want peace in the Middle East, the United States, or anywhere, we need to demand and cultivate leaders with a vision for a future (not a past), that builds on our one-ness, using our differences as ways to learn and grow, and not to divide us to gain power. We let religion, race, gender, culture — anything — divide us, and political leaders capitalize on that, leading to injustice and war.

Most people don’t want that.

We spoke with Ray Hemachandra, whose lived experiences related to race, sexual identity, disability, and culture give him perspectives about war and injustice most of us lack.

He works with leaders and teams on vision, analysis, and planning; brand identity and integrity; audience-centric perspective and communications; staff development and well-being; and the realization of inclusion and diversity in organizational policies and culture.

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